Saturday, March 11, 2017

...that we are One World.

The only way this world is going to survive is if we realize that we are one, inter-related world. We have the internet that allows us to communicate with anyone in the world… and wiki-leaks to make sure that there are no secrets.  The pollution created in one city, or one nation, affects the air and the climate of every person on earth.  And we have nuclear weapons that can reach and destroy every corner of the planet.  Isolationism is not an option.  So those who are afraid that if we let the “other” in…into our country, into our hearts, into our legislative decisions, you might lose one of your 50” TVs, get over it. We are one world, like it or not and we’re not going to go back to the way things were.  The only way humankind is going to go backwards is if we blow each other to smithereens. And then there might not be anyone left.

I’m not saying that we should be one nation with one world leader, not at all.  We can remain separate nations, people with distinct cultures and religious practices.  But we, the people, have to elect leaders who realize that we are one, small, inter-related world and the decisions they make must take that into consideration.   Business leaders, maybe even more so, must recognize the connectivity between their decisions and the well-being of, not just their shareholders, but everyone even remotely influenced by those decisions.  

I don’t deny that there is  suffering in this country.  Of course there is, and we have to look at how we can alleviate that suffering, with long-term measures.  Maybe it would be nice for the coal miners if they could have their jobs back rather than having to go through job-retraining but that’s not what this country, or the world, needs.  We need alternative sources of energy that aren’t going to ravage our water supplies and pollute the air.  There are certainly sources of revenue in this country that can finance long-term solutions to the industrial and environmental problems we are facing.  Just one of those billionaires who now occupy the Whitehouse could probably make a huge contribution to putting people back to work while at the same time helping to clean up the environment. But they’d have to stop acting like ignorant fools and denying what is obvious to the rest of the world.

We’re all going to have to learn to think, feel and act globally because this is the world we have made.  Self-centered indifference and militaristic aggression will not make our lives better, will only serve to fuel hatred, endless war and acts of terrorism.  Unless we learn to respect each other; unless we have compassion for ALL our fellow men, women and children; unless we recognize that we are all one family and our neighbor’s needs are just as important as our own, WE WILL NOT SURVIVE.

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